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Ancestral Healing Through Tarot

Combining the love of the Goddess with the will of God. -Absolute Harmony

Birth chart Reading

The Basics

75 minutes/ $111

This session offers a Bird's eye view of the tangible things in life; such as home, career, money, relationships, and health concerns. Come with questions or allow the Divine to guide your session. Through the tarot I'll offer you clarity, wisdom, and guidance.

Relationship Reading


90 min/ $222

Death of the physical body is liberation to the soul. Your ancestors are ready to share their infinite love, resources, and wisdom. They undergo healing just as we do. They're ready to hear your truth with love and compassion. During this reading I'll hold a safe space for you to converse with loved ones. Through this session your ancestors can offer guidance and insight to overcoming any hurdles you may be facing in the present.


Your ancestral session concludes with a guided meditation. During this meditation your loving ancestors in all realms and dimensions come forward to pour blessings of peace, safety, and prosperity into every aspect of your life.

yearly Transit Reading
Crab Nebula

Past Life 

90 minutes  /   $222

Your soul has a story to tell. Many of us are drawn to people, places, or things that seem random. It's your soul telling it's story. Wanting you to know ALL of who you are. Do you hail from the kingdom of Dahomey? Wondering why you're so drawn to the stars and planets? Are you most comfortable out in nature among the elements? Your ancestors from all dimensions are present in this reading to remind you of your Divine power. You are so much more than what your logical mind can fathom. Time to dive into yourself!


 A clearing meditation will wrap up your session. With the help of your ancestors I'll guide you through a breath based meditation to call in your blessings. All you have to do is relax and breathe. 

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