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What the Heck is a Spirit Guide?

The spirit realm can be intimidating. If you came from a Christian up bringing like me, it may seem down right scary. I celebrate you for reading this blog, for stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring realms outside of what your physical eyes can see. I am here to help you understand a little of how things operate on the "other side" and how working with your guides is beneficial. Let's jump right in!

We are spiritual beings. Your spirit is your essence. It's the Divine flavor of love you emit into the world. Your spirit guides can include loved ones that have transitioned, family from past lifetimes, angels, animals, plants, mystical creatures, and even past versions of yourself. Your guides can move through realms and dimensions as they are no longer restricted by a physical body. Having free access means that they can make shifts in the heavens to assist you here on earth. My passion is to safely introduce you to your Divine guides, your ancestors in particular.

I love working with my ancestors. They sit me down and give me the truth. They encourage me when I doubt myself by reminding me what I'm made of. Building a relationship with them takes time just like any other relationship. Don't be afraid to tell them what you need. Remember to approach with gratitude and respect. The relationship with your ancestors is mutual. We need each other. Your ancestors are diverse in that they have experienced an aspect of you in this lifetime. They know if you can be stubborn, how you learn best, of if you appreciate extra time to process your emotions. Your ancestors can take the stress out of difficult transitions by helping you see the bigger picture. It definitely makes navigating the valleys and celebrating the triumphs more exciting.

There is life after death and they want you to be a part of it! When souls transition they go through game tape of their life. They get to sit with the areas of life they could have showed up better. They are then shown HOW they can do better for you. This summary of their life provides them the blueprint to help you release ancestral burdens. That release allows them to intertwine Divine wisdom, power, and magick into every aspect of your being.

I want to stress that it is VERY IMPORTANT to call in only ancestors with your best intentions in mind. Working with loving ancestors assures that you all are on the same page when it comes to your life journey. When working in the spirit realm it's imperative that you protect yourself. There are a lot of things waiting to sneak in through open portals. You can pray directly to the Most High God asking for both you and your space to be protected. You can utilize protection stones such as black tournaline or obsidian. The black/dark stones are best for protection. Salt, candles/fire, sage, palo santo, and florida water are also great protection tools. I wanna emphasize that YOU have authority over dense energies. Remember that you have God flowing through you. There is power in your voice. Use it to claim and protect your space in all dimensions!

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