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The Root: Your Inner Power

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Our root chakra is the doorway to our ancestors, past lives/karma, and our childhood. The root chakra contributions to all of who you are. It reveals the story of your soul, the stories of your ancestors, and your present reality. The root channels down into the earth from the base of your spine. Maybe you imagine invisible tree roots coming from the base of your spine running down into the earth (earth star chakra). The root chakra is the start point on our journey towards enlightenment and self discovery.

Just 2 weeks after conception the neural tube begins to develop in humans. The neural tube serves as the protective scaffolding for the spinal cord, nervous (electrical) system, and brain. This incarnation started at the root and therefore that is where our journey will begin.

The root chakra is said to house our “primal brain”. It’s where we revert to when shit hits the fan! Fight or flight. How we make ourself feel safe can reflect the condition of our root chakra. In moments of chaos are you able to think logically and clearly? Do you have healthy ways to cope with stress? Are you wanting to meet or strengthen your relationship with your ancestors? Maybe you simply wanna remember to breath? The breath is the root of our existence. The breath serves as a reminder that we are one with the Divine.

While exploring the root chakra we are encouraged to become more self aware. Being aware keeps you in the present (grounded). Grounding simply means that you're in a space of internal peace. Do you often feel like your floating or dreaming? Is it hard for you to focus on the tasks at hand? Do you have a fear of abandonment or rejection? These are signs that you may need to dive into your root chakra. A quick and efficient way to ground yourself is to go outside. Put your bare feet in the earth. Hug a tree. Lay in the grass. Connecting with the earth doesn't require a fancy ceremony. The root chakra just wants you to show up raw and authentic.

Follow the links below for videos and messages from the root chakra.

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