Sacred Smoke: A Mini Ceremony

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The herb I formed a relationship first with was lavender. I had initially been drinking it as tea to ease my insomnia. Not only did it help me sleep but it also lowered my blood pressure, stress levels, and brought about mental clarity. The newfound inner peace brought with it a shift in consciousness. It became more apparent that each herb's healing properties were associated with particular chakras (and their organs). I started incorporating other herbs into my "medicine cabinet". I was harmonizing my spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies through plant power. The Sacred Smoke became a ceremony, a time to connect with myself while celebrating the Divine guidance I was being blessed with.

Every Sacred Smoke Blend is received from the Divine and intends to create a loving multidimensional experience. The magick infused into the Sacred Smoke meets you in the present. It encourages self understanding through your highest self and ancestral guidance. Afterall, it is our ancestors that know us in both the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Your spirit guides have access to wisdom and resources that can help you exceed your wildest dreams. The savory smoke of each wand serves as an offering of gratitude to your ancestors. Each Sacred Smoke Blend offers a specific flavor of Divine love. Check out my shop to see which one calls to you.

Not a smoker? No worries! You can enjoy the Sacred Smoke flavors in tea form or prepared as an intention candle. Either way, the magick illuminates a pathway to your hearts truest desires. Just add fire!

**Sacred Smoke is not intended to, nor does it claim to heal physical or mental ailments.**

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