My Intro to Tarot

It took a while for me to open up to tarot. My Christian upbringing led me to believe that certain things are not to be explored or questioned. I believed that wanting to form my own opinion about the tarot wasn't allowed. This way of thinking mirrored in my relationships, how I interacted with the world, and how I viewed myself.

Remember, you are allowed to question and understand what's going on in your life and in your surroundings. I was through the tarot that I really started to feel genuine connection to self and God. The tarot helped me experience the Divine on a deeper level, in turn allowing truth to shine clouds of depression and confusion. The messages and encouragement that I was receiving was too good to keep to myself. Spirit wanted me to share. Oh shit! I can't do that! That's what I thought. What the fuck am I doing? What if people think I'm evil? What if the messages aren't received? Trust me, I went through all the emotions, fight back, and hesitations. On the other hand I was so excited to share how a simple tool could help me dig deeper than I could on my own at the time. I needed to sit with myself to face the root of these fears and triggers. I started to see how to unravel and interpret how my ancestors, guides, and God communicate with me. We all have different likes, dislikes, and gifts. Just so, we have different ways that we connect with the Divine. That connection doesn't need to be understood by anyone but you and your Spirit Squad. Be patient. Be open. Be ready for miracles!

I write this to encourage you to explore! What excitement lies behind the doors that you've been ignoring or running from? If something has been tugging at your heart or coming up frequently it could be time to dive in! You have access to the infinite tools and resources of the universe. Don't be afraid to utilize them!

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