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Journey through the Chakras

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

You are a channel between the above and below, heaven and hell, the light and darkness. Absolute Harmony helps facilitate the natural ebb and flow between dimensions.

There are eight major chakras that run from the earth, to the base of your spine, and up to the crown of your head. Each chakra represents a particular area of life, specific organs, and emanates particular frequencies. I like to think of the chakras as doorways. You can imagine the doors from Monsters Inc (for my Disney heads). They are the doorways that connect our mind, physical body, and the spirit. Each chakra is represented by a color. In the chart below you can find some general info about all the chakras.

As we journey through the chakras you may notice that things start to make a little more sense in relationships, self awareness may increase, and you might even get a laugh or two. Let's get this party started with the root chakra.

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