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Welcome to Absolute Harmony, a space of freedom, truth, and love. 




















My Intention

To help my people heal and ascend through avenues that liberate the mind, body, soul.   

















I'm not currently taking private sessions.

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About Me




















My name is Tiffany. I am a healer, a teacher, a lover, a warrior, and so much more. 

     I'm from Aliquippa, which is about 30 min north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Aliquippa Senior High in 2005 as a triathlete and honors student. I was offered an athletic scholarship to (HBCU) University of the Virgin Islands where I earned my degree in biology. I played both collegiate basketball and volleyball before picking up boxing in 2009. What started as a workout turned into an opportunity to represent the US Virgin Islands as Captain of the Women's USVI Boxing National Team. Eventually, I realized that my body and mind were exhausted. I was living to work. Disconnected from my body, full of stress, and thinking that it was normal.  It may have been normal but it certainly wasn't healthy. I gained so mo muck through all those experiences and opportunities. My soul was still searching for something outside of the physical things that I could see and feel. I just hadn't realized it yet.
















       I believe that connectedness to the Divine begins with self acceptance. How can we fully connect with the Divine if we are disconnected from ourselves? Remember, you are made in the image of God. That is the Divine Masculine (Father) and the Divine Feminine (Mother). We need both aspects of God in order to fully understand the inner and outer workings of self. Keep in mind that you are a unique flavor of God that no one else can embody. You are the sun! Meant to shine despite who may not be able to stand your beautiful glow. 






















     I grew up believing that God was to be feared. I thought that I had to follow strict rules and guidelines or else I'd be punished. God is love and does not want you to be in a mental prison.  There is liberation in questioning and searching for Your truth. You might find that Your truth is more beautiful than it seems.  It took years of feeling like something was missing before I realized that my relationship with was God  based on what others told me. I believed it so much that I ignored the messages that God had actually been sending me. BTW, If you're looking for a good book to read, "Homegoing" by Yaa Gyasi, is life changing. It gently opened my eyes to the reality of how "god" was introduced to our ancestors and the wounds that are still bleeding.


    My work here includes providing various avenues to stop the bleeding so that those wounds can heal. Healing those spiritual wounds translates into less stress and more prosperity. Through the pathways of your ancestors you can experience love and blessings beyond your wildest dreams.  

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